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Printmaker / Illustrator / Artist

Zijing Deng

Born in China

Now lives and works in London

Zijing focuses on exploring women's oppression in Chinese traditional customs, folklore, and symbols. Using printmaking, painting, and water-based media, she is interested in reconstructing an anti-patriarchal narrative visual language to create a space that facilitates empowerment for female groups.


2022-2023 MA / Print / Royal College of Art

2018-2022 BA / Watercolor / Hubei Institute of Fine Arts


2023 The Reflections of Multi-Selves CMCI Winter Festival        

King’s College, London

2023 Royal College of Art Graduation Show

Royal College of Art, London     

2023 SPG Two-Fold Exhibition

Royal College of Art, London     

2023 Shiyan Watercolor Exhibition

Shiyan, Hubei

2022 Hubei Institute of Fine Arts Watercolor Graduation Exhibition

Wuhan, Hubei

2021 Watercolor Campus Exhibition

Wuhan, Hubei

2021 Beijing Design Week Exhibition


2020 "Figures” Watercolor Exhibition

Wuhan, Hubei             

2020 Hubei Institute of Fine Arts Campus Exhibition

Wuhan, Hubei

2019 Hubei Institute of Fine Arts Sketch Exhibition

Wuhan, Hubei


                         2021 Innoideas                             

       Excellence Award

                    2021 Britain International Creative Competition             


                  2021 Singapore Art Design Contest                   

Bronze Award

             2020 The 8th Illustration International Competition      


About: Welcome


Influence in the subconscious

Identify and document patriarchal symbols within traditional Chinese culture, translating these observations into visual sketches and practices, thereby critically examining and analysing the disempowering effects these socially constructed symbols impose on women groups.

About: 作品集
About: Featured Work



The female occupies an indispensable position in the process of human development, social mainstream always praise mother's great and create a glorious image.But never tell the  risk and the harm to the body. Under the pressure of the society, Many women decide to have children without knowing the implications.Women should know what they have to face before choose to have children.


This is a collage of woodcut, Through lotus, I discuss the oppression of women in traditional Chinese folk customs. So lotus in the traditional Chinese context  has a meaning of wishing a couple to have more children,  I think it’s an oppression of women. By discipline, correction, and internalization. Folk customs have influenced women's thoughts . I want to stop it from affecting the next generation and stop female groups become the slave of patriarchy.


When toxic traditional culture is passed down from one generation to the next, it becomes a system, like a discipline folkloristic, creating a micro-power in the society, which controls people, not by domination and punishment, but by discipline, correction, and internalization. Folk customs have influenced women's thoughts, making women think that they should take responsibility for their choices. In this way, the unfair social structure that causes the problem becomes invisible.


This is a photo etching of a female figure and plants in combination with nature, expressing the repression of the environment and the inhibition of autonomous development


The deconstruction of the lotus plant shows the special treatment of women, with each part representing a different function of women in society


This is a self-healing project, I have been an invisible character through secondary school with the help of friends after experiencing school violence and verbal violence from teachers while growing up

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